About us

My name is Camilla Westh and I am born 1971. I live in Grums, Värmland, Sweden. I have a grown up daughter that lives with her boyfriend just 10 minutes from me. My boyfriend Magnus lives just five minutes away. My house is also the home of 10 Cats.

I've always loved cats, but it was when I got my own pure breed in year 2000 that I got hooked. The cats breeder told me that I should show her on a cat show. And I did... On her first show she was nominated for best in show.

My mother is a breeder of Shetland Sheepdog since 1984, so I'm not particular novis of breeding. It didn't take long before I wanted to have a litter of kittens. My first litter were born in 2002. At the same time I got my breeder name, S*WesthKiowa's. The name comes from my last name and a Native American Tribe. I have always been drawn to Native Americans history so it felt natural to pick a name like that.

 I have a special interest of tattoos and I have a whole bunch. You can se some of them here. My last one is not yet finished so photos of it will come later. Its a big one :) I'm a happy and positive person, but I have a temper if it's necessary.... Ask my daughter :)

My ambitions as a breeder is to breed as close to the FIFe standard as possible. Healthy and well tempered cats is also very important. I want my cats to be strong in body and length. I only have one or two litters per year. When my kittens leave home they are at least 12 weeks sometimes older, they have been devurmed, have got a new health certificate and is chip marked by me. They are insured in Sveland for three years against hidden faults. I don't sell any kittens over the Internet but it can be a good first contact.


I would like to thank you for visiting my site and I hope you have or hade a nice time here! /Camilla

To see more of my tattoos you can check them out here!